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Catalog of service and products


We manufacture, import and distribute the widest range of lighting electronics, providing solutions for any type of installation or project:


  1. PWM controllers and drivers for DC.
  2. Power Supplies AC / DC (industrial format, watertight IP67, …).
  3. LED strips mounted on aluminum profiles. Standard and custom measures upon request.
  4. Regulators and transformers at 230Vac.
  5. potentiometers, switches, buttons and control buttons.

Manufacture custom-made assembly of aluminum profiles with LED, all customized.

  1. Profile choice based on your application: surface, corner, recessed, round, …
  2. Diffuser transparent, semi-transparent or white (opal) to choose from.
  3. Different types of strips led: power, temperature,
  4. All necessary for proper operation electronics: power supplies, dimmer, motion sensor, …

Custom manufacture of LED modules

Design and manufacture of LED modules.

    • Design and manufacture of LED BOEL-TRONIC


  • Different sizes, powers and temperatures.
  • Extensive mounting options.
  • Custom assemblies OEM

Acriche is the first source of semiconductors in the world whose light operates directly from AC power without a transformer.

  1. Direct 220V
  2. More ecological and cares for the environment
  3. Low power consumption and greater energy savings
  4. Longer life and less maintenance than conventional LEDs (limited by the transformer)
  5. No conversion loss
  6. Especially dimmable
  7. Supports surge by the absence of a transformer